Macbeth by Shakespeare

Set Design

Final Thesis – Paris – 2012


Design – planning – modell making

The Airport Tempelhof in Berlin and in particular its Hangar 2 are a highly dramatic places in view of tragedies, which have taken place there during the second world war.  They served first as a prison, then as a detention center for forced labor and in 1948 as a food storage during the Berlin blockade. It is a place present in the people´s memory. This place therefore suits perfectly for Shakespeare drama.Like the palace is the place for Macbeth´s madness, the Hangar 2 is the silent witness of events during a fatal period. Hangar 2 reflects the atmosphere of the drama, the twilight and the darkness of the night favoring nightmares. It is crowed by dark spirits. Their predictions will push the king and his empire in a situation which will end in a chaos and provide for a tragic solution up to the liberation by Siward´s Army.The public, like the civilians during the war, will assist and participate in the development of the story  taking place under their eyes. The drama evolves in four different spaces. Containers are set up and serve as space and area for the actors as well as the obligatory passage for the public following a yellow line on the ground of the hangar 2 indicating the way to Macbeth´s madness.