Bulbus by Anja Hilling

Set Design

Paris – 2010


Design – planning – model making

Awarded 1st price for best scenography during a competition at which ESAT School participated together with the Théâtre National de la Colline in Paris. The project was made in collaboration with Marielle Jouslin de Noray.

The contemporary play ”Bulbus” is centred on Manuel´s sick body. Manuel is unable to cope with his past and is permanently recalling the history of East Germany. The place Bulbus is like an organ expressing its illness through the deformity of its skin. In order to recover from this illness, the community (Jutta Schratz, Albert Ross, Rosa Landen and the old Markidis) is reviving this history and trying to understand the reasons behind the affliction. The scenography is based on spaces which are moving up or down throughout the play, in order to signify the scenes within or outside the ice. The stage is draped in transparent plastic material representing the skin and the injury of the body.