Buds Wine Glass

Buds Wine Glass

Paris – 2019

In progress

Design – prototype

Wine is an art; let’s serve it that way.

The Buds concept was born in the spring on a hillside when the vine wakes up shyly after sleep all winter. 
We can then see the budburst, which is the beginning of the vine’s vegetative cycle. It is from this stage, which takes place from mid-March to mid-April, that the buds, also called eyes, can be observed. They swell, then open slowly to make way for the future branches, which will then bear the flowers with their delicate fragrance and the bunches of grapes with their delicious aromas. The curved and voluptuous silhouette of the bud caught the attention of my creative soul. 

The first ideas were born, the original sketch that would become…
                                Buds, an art concentrated in a wine glass. 
At the moment of budburst, the vine buds will swell asymmetrically. This side gave me the idea to create a wine glass with a particularly convex shape on one side. This particular shape will offer us two advantages: 

As the bud can also be called an eye in the world of wine, I wanted to accentuate the convex side on one side of the glass, thus offering a better entry of light into the wine and, therefore, a better observation of the wine’s color. This convex shape on one side of the glass will also increase the oxygenation surface of the wine, concentrating a maximum of aromas before discovering them thanks to the tightened edges of the glass. You will then have an undeniable olfactory pleasure. This glass will be particularly appreciated when tasting the Great Red Wines of Bordeaux, which requires a higher level of oxygenation.